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Sports Concussion Clinic

Do you know how to recognise concussion or what to do in the case of a concussion? What is Concussion? Concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head or body that results in altered brain functioning. The symptoms are usually...

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When should you replace your runners?

It’s time again for the City to Surf! There’s less than 4 weeks to go, and if you haven’t got your footwear sorted it’s not too late, but you’d better hurry! There’s no definitive end point to the life of a shoe, it’s a slow decline.  Determining when to...

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Physical Activity: The Evidence Behind the Benefits

Physical Activity Prescription: A Critical opportunity to Address a Modifiable Risk Factor for the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease: A Position Statement by the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. Thornton et al,  BJSM 2016 This timely paper re-evaluates and re-iterates the importance of increasing physical activity...

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Want to know how to RUN SMARTER?

Want to know how to RUN SMARTER? Phil, our sports podiatrist, tells us how… Running is great to clear your mind, and challenge your body. As the weather gets warmer, more and more people will take up running and many of them will hurt themselves. Here are some tips to help...

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Hydration in Exercise

Hydration during exercise is important, but how much should we drink? There is alot of mis-information around hydration during exercise. One of our Sport & Exercise Medicine Physicians, Dr James Lawrence, has recently published an article in Medicine Today on this topic. In summary, if exercising for less than...

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