Dr Seamus Dalton

Dr Seamus Dalton Rehabilitation Physician And Sports Physician

Dr Seamus Dalton

Rehabilitation Physician and Sports Physician

Seamus Dalton is qualified as both a Rehabilitation Physician and a Sports Physician. He also spent a year as a Rheumatology Research fellow in Cambridge where he developed his clinical and research interest in the shoulder.

He has spent the last twenty-three years in private practice and has established himself as a leading specialist in Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation with particular expertise in conditions of the Shoulder and Spine. He has been actively involved in the training and censorship of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians.

His involvement in Sport and Exercise medicine in Australia has been extensive, both at local, State and Olympic level. He has lectured widely to doctors, physiotherapists, and the fitness industry and has published in a number of textbooks and peer-reviewed journals.