Physiotherapists are highly qualified allied health professionals. They work across a variety of health concerns but are most well known for their involvement in musculoskeletal pain and injury.


Physiotherapists work closely with GPs and Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians to relieve pain, swelling and encourage healing, they help you restore movement, strength and guide your return to activity though a rehabilitation program tailored to your specific needs.


Physiotherapists utilise treatments such as massage, mobilisation, machines e.g. shock wave therapy and ultrasound, biofeedback, taping and exercise rehabilitation using body weight or machines.


At NSSM, we have close working relationship with our local and distant physiotherapists, who often refer their patients when assistance is required. We are also involved in education of physiotherapists from time to time.


Located within the centre, we have consultant physiotherapists with expertise in back, neck, pelvis and rib dysfunction.

Barbara Hungerford Physiotherapist

Barbara Hungerford


Barbara Hungerford is a Consultant Physiotherapist providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment for low back and pelvic pain, groin and hip pain, thoracic and rib injuries, neck pain and headaches.

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