Couch to 5K

Diary of an Amateur Runner


Hey, I’m Kylie, and as practice manager here at North Sydney Sports Medicine, I’m definitely a believer in the EXERCISE AS MEDICINE message that we promote. However, like all of us, I have a busy schedule, and lately exercise has dropped off the radar almost completely.


As an exerciser I could best be described as reluctant. I do a bit, but I’ve never been mad keen. Mostly I’ve walked and done a bit of yoga. However, at 45 I’m noticing a few signs that I’m not as young as I used to be – more easily tired, a little less agile and as Paul Simon would put it, slightly softer in the middle! Plus, with a life-long propensity to anxiety, I know that exercise is hugely beneficial for me emotionally.


But knowing what’s good for us often isn’t motivation enough! How to get off the couch?! I decided I needed a fitness goal – something to work towards. Enter the Couch to 5K app, which promises you’ll be ready for your first 5K race after nine weeks. I’m intrigued, and with a time commitment of 30mins 3 x per week, it seems totally do-able.


Watch this space!


Dr Louise Tulloh, Sports Physician, comments:


“The great thing about using a program like couch to 5k is that it introduces running gradually into your week. It’s this patience that allows the muscles, tendons, joints and bones to condition slowly, and this prevents you developing an injury. Don’t be discouraged by muscle soreness in the days following new exercise, this is normal.”


The body’s tissues are amazingly resilient, but they need time!


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