Spotlight on Dr Louise Tulloh

Spotlight on Dr Louise Tulloh

What is your proudest moment as a team doctor?


My most memorable achievement would be working with a track and field athlete 6 weeks out from the Sydney Paralympic games who had stress fractures in both feet. Usually this would be treated with 8 weeks in plaster, but there was NO time if his Olympic dream was to stay alive! Given he was an upper limb amputee, crutches were also unavailable. He worked to keep up his fitness in the pool, took some risks and brought home 4 medals!


What lead you to choosing the specialty of sports medicine?


I loved the sports I played; I love anatomy; and love treating motivated patients.


What is your own sporting background? Your greatest sporting achievement?


I won some medals at the State level for athletics as a teenager – (high jump and hurdles), played representative netball and probably my greatest challenge would have been completing the 100km Coastrek (which we won!). I also enjoy skiing, walking and mountain bike riding- and the places these activities take you!


If you hadn’t become a sports physician, what other profession would you have liked to pursue?dr louise tulloh


Definitely an artist, or a garden designer.


What’s been your worst sports injury?


I ruptured my ACL. It was reconstructed using patella tendon graft by the legendary Merv Cross. At that time, nearly 30 years ago, I spent 3 days in hospital on a pethidine drip in a continuous movement machine. Times have changed!

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