Couch to 5K: Week 2

Couch to 5K: Week 2

Not built for running? My quest for a sports bra…


Week 2 is done and I am keen as ever! The running increments have increased to 1.5 minutes, resulting in 8 minutes of running all up (out of 28 minutes total). Not much I know… but not bad for a gal who don’t run. From a fitness point of view it’s not particularly arduous, but I’m usually happy to slow down to a walk by the time the app directs me to do so. I can see the advantage in building up slowly as I feel slight twinges in my knees and shins, nothing serious, but I’m grateful for the ‘slowly, slowly’ approach.


My mood and energy levels continue to be positively affected, and another nice effect is that I just generally feel stronger and more ‘in’ my body. Win!


One slightly troublesome aspect is that I continue to feel pretty darn awkward when I run – conscious of my gait and posture and…. my boobs! When I told my mum I was doing couch to 5K she said, ‘Oh no love, you’re not built for running’. Thanks for the encouragement mother. Does she have a point though?


Fortunately Louise has done a little research on the topic. Here’s the lowdown:


A woman’s nipple can jiggle up, down and around 8-15cm whilst running! [no surprise to me! – Kylie]


A well fitted sports bra can reduce movement by nearly 50%, protecting the delicate supportive ligaments (Cooper’s ligaments) and skin from accelerated stretching. They already have their work cut out for them by time, weight shifts, pregnancy and genetics.


The most common complaints women voice when considering their sports bras are discomfort (especially digging into the trapezius muscle on top of the shoulder such as with racer back styles) and strap slippage. Women with larger breasts find the most trouble with strap discomfort. Those with smaller breasts also describe creep up, where the band pulls up with arm movement, Some women choose their bra depending on the clothing to be worn over it, compromising support and comfort for appearance.


Encapsulated sports bras offer the most support. They have individual cups for each breast, as opposed to a compression style bra, which may be adequate for smaller cup sizes and low impact activity.


Research suggests maximal support and comfort can be found in the following features-

    • Encapsulated bra cups
    • Wide, vertical shoulder straps
    • Band tight enough to prevent upward slip.  


A gorgeous sports bra is part of every girl’s kit when it comes to being active.


Although I may not be built for marathons, it’s clear boobs needn’t prevent me from getting my jog on, I just need a gorgeous, and effective, sports bra. So I’m on the hunt! I’ll keep you updated on what I find.





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